PAGE: London Open Sessions

An ongoing series of Performance Action laboratory sessions, taking place in the public realm in London.

Participants are encouraged not to prepare actions but to instead work 'situation-responsively', working with each other and with the site to explore an 'ethics of encounter' and the politics of public space.

Open to all.

Organised by Jasper Llewellyn as part of the P.A.G.E. network.


September, 2017.

South Bank Beach, Southwark.

1.5 hours, starting at low tide.

Participants: Elinor Lewis

July Zhyn Yng

Jasper Llewellyn

Becky O'Brien

Svenja BÜhl


October, 2017.
Wick Woodland, Hackney.

​1.5 hours.

In collaboration with Kandice Holmes' Common Unity Project.

Participants: Franciska Ery

Hugo Aguirre

Kandice Holmes

Jasper Llewellyn

Whitney Conti

Sebastian Hau-Walker

Images by Franciska Ery.

#4 (#3)

October, 2017.

Greenwich Foot Tunnel

Participants: Jasper Llewellyn

Vidmante Cerniauskaite

Images by Skirmante Cerniauskaite.

#5 (#4)

November, 2017.

South Bank beach, Southwark.

Participants: Selina Bonelli

Paul Carter

Ro Hardaker

Ashley-Louise McNaughton

Helen Davison

Jasper Llewellyn

Images by Ro Hardaker.

#7 (#5)

January, 2018.

SET Space, Bermondsey.

As part of 'CRITS AT SET SPACE', organised by Miki Holloway.

Participants: Rosie Gibbens

Ro Hardaker

Helen Davison

Vidmante Cerniauskaite

Elinor Lewis

Jasper Llewellyn

Ashley-Louise McNaughton

Images by various participants.

#8 (#6)

March, 2018.

Fountain Lake, Battersea Park.

Participants: Catharine Cary

Jasper Llewellyn

Vidmante Cerniauskaite

Images by Elizabeth Presland and Amy Hinckley.

#9 (#7)

April, 2018.

Crystal Palace Park.

Participants: Marita Bullmann

Thomas Reul

Dick-James Hall

Jasper Llewellyn

Rosie Gibbens

Ro Hardaker

Vidmante Cerniauskaite

Helen Davison

Ashley-Louise McNaughton

Fionnuala Kennedy

Helle Marie Tviberg

Catherine Cary

Alice Minervini

Selina Bonelli

Images by Rosie Gibbens, Helen Davison and Ro Hardaker.

#11 - Equinox Edition

September, 2018.

Concrete Bowl, Crystal Palace Park.

Enacted as part of the 'Same Difference: Equinox to Equinox' global initiative organised by BBeyond Belfast and PAErsche.

Participants: Benedikte Esperi

Vidmante Ceriauskaite

Catharine Cary

Ashleigh-Louise McNaughton

Jasper Llewellyn

Kajoli Ilojak

Selina Bonelli

Video by Benedikte Esperi.